Ricardo Forth

A Forth dialect implemented in C, Javascript, WebAssembly and compiled from C to asm.js and WebAssembly.

This project is based on the 1992 IOCCC entry buzzard.2 (design notes: buzzard.2.design), prettified and then compiled to:

Also reimplemented by translating the C code into Javascript and WebAssebly.

For instructions to setup the dev environment yourself check the README.

Try it!

Simpler Examples

Here we compile a simple C program to asmjs and WebAssembly to make it easier to follow the generated code for a minimal example that does function calls, local variables and I/O:

Read the Code

To read the process of prettifying the C code follow the buzzard.c commits in chronological order.


Slides from a presentation I gave at StuttgartJS (August 10th, 2016) are available here: WebAssembly Presentation at StuttgartJS

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