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Jarno Montonen 2023-04-25 12:36:13

Beginnings of a computational notebook built with my natural language structure editor workbench

Corey Montella 2023-04-26 19:35:25
Corey Montella 2023-04-26 19:36:33

Demonstrating a prototype of the capability permission system for mech. Anyone out here have experience implementing a system like this? Any pointers or tips?

Kirill Chernyshov 2023-04-27 09:53:04

I'm currently working on capability based access control system that provides a formal schema for the tokens with digital signature that can aggregate trust from multiple capability providers.

It is kinda in the same field but more about internal security for decentralised systems. Not sure I can give you any pointer but feel free to ask any questions :)

Kirill Chernyshov 2023-04-27 09:56:53

btw, I begin writing rust implementation but it is still in development.