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Matt Webb 2023-02-24 13:25:34

Hi folks — any fans of A Pattern Language here? Or (like me) any wannabe fans? I dip into it, and it has been invaluable in designing multiplayer apps with nuanced social interaction. Here’s one of my blog posts.

However! It’s long and I’ve never read the whole thing… So a few of us on Masto decided to start a reading group. One pattern a week, we’ll finish neatly at the end of the book’s 50th anniversary year (2027)

We’re meeting on discord at 5pm uk time on mondays (so noon east coast us, 9am west coast). Starting this coming Monday. Join us here:

Apologies if this is out of place but I figured there was a good chance it would be of interest to at least some people here!

Chris Knott 2023-02-26 07:04:37

I think Stefan Lesser might have done something like this a few years ago if you search the archives. He is certainly incredibly knowledgeable about Christopher Alexander

Mariano Guerra 2023-02-25 10:26:49

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