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Gus Hogg-Blake 2023-01-16 15:29:51

Codex - a new find/replace syntax that supports any combination of plain text, regexes, multiple lines, indents/dedents, and tree-sitter queries:

William Taysom 2023-01-16 22:24:21

Looks like Codex would play well with Sam

Sylwia Brodacka 2023-01-20 19:45:16

Little bit late, but a few findings from AoC with Enso (

This year we did it internally, hopefully it will be an open competition next year 🚀

🐦 Enso (formerly Luna): New story about our adventures with solving Advent of Code 2022 at Enso together with @jdunkerley @JaroslavTulach and @Radeusgd