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Have you tried enso, darklang, wasp-lang, glamorous toolkit, mu, imp,, operon, cuttle, flowrunner, gadget, meemoo, MockMechanics, adacraft, WhiteBox, MAudio, TypeCell, Ratio,, Hazel, Lambdu?

Why not? 😉

Maybe you didn't know you could? where to start? what to do? what kind of feedback to give? in which format? where to submit it?

Here's an idea: Review Jam! A Week of Constructive Feedback and Conversations

An opportunity to share and get real usage feedback on your project

An opportunity to experience, review and get inspired by other projects

The Idea

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Tentative Date: Last Week of November


Flowrunner-canvas is a flow based programming environment that can be used standalone but also very easily be added to an existent frontend javascript/typescript toolchain. When used standalone it can be used without writing code, but it is extendable in various ways depending on your needs. It includes a basic layout editor to create a UI out of a flow.
Task Description: Create a BMI calculator using a FormTask node, an ExpressionTask and DebugTask nodes (BMI formula : weight/height*height)
Note: The project is still in a very experimental stage, a lot of of basic UI elements and interactions needed for visual flow editing are not there yet. But I do wonder how you like the editing of node properties directly on the canvas in comparison with editing node properties via a property editor in a sidebar.
A simple domain specific language for developing full-stack web apps with less code.
Task Description
Mu shrinks all the software in a computer until it can (in principle) fit in a single head. Sensible error messages with as little code as possible, starting all the way from your (x86) processor's instruction set. Everything easy to change to your needs (habitable), everything easy to check up on (auditable).
By the time you solve the tasks below, I hope you'll be able to program your processor to run some small graphical programs. The programs will only use a small subset of your computer's capabilities; there's still a lot I don't know and therefore cannot teach. However, the programs will run on a real processor without needing any other intermediary software.
Task Description

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Further ideas worth considering

Progressive disclosure guides

A way for projects to share solution outlines that can be expanded when needed to get more details to get unstuck

Reviewers try with the high level description and only get more details when needed



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