Events Around Stuttgart

Founders around Stuttgart Meetup

Montly Meetup to share ideas, doubts and knowledge about founding a company in Germany.

Stuttgart International Women Entrepreneurs

The purpose of this group is to meet like-minded women entrepreneurs while having a great time. So that we can help each other to move forward our projects and find common goals in which we can all become more successful.

Gründergrillen Stuttgart

Gründergrillen Stuttgart, a monthly event that gathers people interested in the startup scene, eat, drink and talk with like minded people.

German, but almost everyone speaks English

Startup Stuttgart Digest

Startup Stuttgart Digest, a calendar and weekly mail subscription listing interesting events around Stuttgart related to startups.

Almost all of them are in German

Startup Weekend Stuttgart

Build an amazing startup in Stuttgart, all over the course of one weekend.

Leancamp Stuttgart

Knowhow exchange between corporations and startups