Erlplorer is a script (escript) written in efene that analyzes your erlang and/or efene modules and outputs JSON with information about them, you can use that information to feed it to any tool you create

Information the tool exports:

The tool can easily be extended to record more statistics.

You can upload the result of running erlplorer on your files here and it will display some information about it, the data won't be uploaded anywhere, it's all processed in browser.

Check the project's readme to build and run

You can also download a pre compiled release from the Releases Page, check the last one and download the erlplorer binary, you will still need Erlang installed to run it

Try It!

See Information below, (there's information after the chart), you can scroll to zoom on the chart and move nodes around to make them look better

Check a short demo:

Formatted Example Output of cowboy.erl and cowboy_req.erl